Dictionary Project report

 On Thursday, October 13, 2011, in a rain storm and on Friday, October 14, 2011, seven members [Jeff Boller, Jim Colter, Alice Gossett, Jane Flower, Robert Craigmyle, Jim Thompson, and Carl Nelson] of the Carmel Lions Club distributed approximately 500 books from The Dictionary Project to the students and staff of four Carmel Clay School District Elementary Schools. The schools were Forest Dale Elementary School, Woodbrook Elementary School, Cherry Tree Elementary School, and Prairie Trace Elementary School.

Everything went well at the four schools. Jeff Boller [President of the Carmel Lions Club] gave a brief presentation about the purpose of the Lions Club. He introduced Carl Nelson who briefly explained to the students about The Dictionary Project and about the use of a dictionary in school and in everyday life. The staff and students were very excited about receiving the dictionaries.

I feel that we [the Carmel Lions Club] may have especially helped the students and staff at Cherry Tree Elementary School by bringing some joy and happiness to them after the ‘rough’ couple of days that they had this week in which a school counselor abruptly died.

I have often stated that it takes a team of people [not just one person] to make a project successful. A lot of people contributed to happiness of approximately 500 children the past couple of days. The project is a success!

The smiles on these children’s faces at the various schools were PRICELESS!

(Click on the thank-you letters at right to read what some of the children from Woodbrook Elementary had to say about their new dictionaries.)