Faye Clow Dictionary Project

Every year 4th-grade children within the City of Bettendorf are paid a visit by volunteer Bettendorf Rotary members as part of our Faye Clow Dictionary Project. We provide every 4th grader with their very own dictionary to use in class and in home. This service project was developed to promote literacy and learning both within the classroom and at home. The ultimate goal is to help to give our local 4th graders the tools that they need to build on their education. While there are always dictionaries available within the classrooms, many students come from families that can’t afford these additional materials for in-home learning.
It is always so much more than just the dictionaries, though. Our Bettendorf Rotary Members get so much out of visiting with these children, and getting to see the gratitude as they hand out the dictionaries to students one by one. Every student has a smile on their face when they receive their dictionary, and they all say thank you. Seeing how something so small can make such an impact is a great experience for our Bettendorf Rotary members.