The Conway Rotary Club’s Commitment to Education

The Dictionary Project appreciates the diligent work of the Conway Rotary Club. For almost ten years, members have provided students in Horry County with the gift of a dictionary. The Conway Rotary Club, founded in 1945, has provided sixty-nine years of service to their community. The organization currently has thirty-two members, all of which participate in fundraisers to promote education, encourage peace, fight disease, provide clean water, and grow the local economy. The largest fundraiser is the sale of Vidalia onions. The proceeds from this event benefit needs-based scholarships for local high school students interested in attending area colleges. It is clear that education is a top priority to the Conway Rotary Club. While participating with The Dictionary Project, the club has supplied over 800 dictionaries to eight local elementary schools. By promoting education through the gift of a dictionary, members are equipping students with the tools to be successful and active members of society.