South San Antonio Independent School District receives dictionary donation for district third graders

Over 850 third grade students in the South San Antonio Independent School District received free dictionaries, courtesy of the Ekasila Foundation and the Texas Indo-American Physicians Society (TIPS), Southwest Chapter. The donation was made in the Hutchins ES library on February 6, 2015 on behalf of all ten elementary schools. “It’s very generous and we’re very appreciative,” said Elizabeth Martinez, Hutchins ES principal, speaking for the principals and school librarians in attendance. Ekasila Foundation USA is a non-profit organization based in San Antonio. Its’ mission is to help further education by providing necessary tools to underprivileged students in Texas and in India. TIPS is a nonprofit organization that promotes and supports charitable activities in the San Antonio area. “If you succeed in education, it is guaranteed success,” said Vinay Basani, Ekasila Foundation member, to selected Hutchins ES third graders in attendance. He recounted how he came to the United States from India 22 years ago with just $400. He was, however, armed with a college education to help him succeed. “Don’t look at this as a book but as your friend,” said Dr. Hormazd Sanjana, TIPS director to the students. He told them dictionaries are the foundation of learning success. “A book has a feeling that an iPad (or other electronic devices) never gives.” Martinez concurs. “It instills in them the value of reading and learning,” she said. While expressing the importance of state-mandated standardized testing, Martinez declared it was secondary to the ultimate goal. “We want them to become critical thinkers.” Dr. Nanda Kishore Gurran, Jay Gurrala, Ram Joolukuntla and Srinivas Konda were the other Ekasila Foundation and TIPS donors in attendance at the donation ceremony. Article from the South San Antonio Independent School District website: Read Here