Annie Sims Third Graders Receive Dictionaries from Mt. Pleasant, TX Rotary Members

Article from the Daily Tribune Last Friday, March 6, marked a special day for Annie Sims Elementary third graders. And not just because it was the day before a week off for spring break. It was the day they each received their own personal copy of a dictionary presented by the Rotary Club of Mount Pleasant. Rotarians Danny Muskrat and Kim Ragsdale brought the dictionaries to the school to hand out to the students and took some time to explain what was in the dictionaries. They told the students that they could use the books to learn how to spell words, to find out what words meant and to find information about history like the U.S. Presidents, world geography like the longest river in the world and about stars and constellations. After handing out the dictionaries, Muskrat issued a challenge to the students. They got to use the dictionaries to find the definition of a word and facts about countries and planets. Landon Fuller was the first one to find the definition of “dictionary.” Colton Jaggers found the population of France and Sarah Garcia found the distance earth is from the sun. For winning the challenges, they each received a crisp one-dollar bill. “We really appreciate the Rotary Club for taking on the dictionary project,” said MPISD Director of Communication Dr. Judi Saxton. “For some of our students this is the first book they may have owned and may be one of the few books in their homes. Some of our students don’t have access to computers in their homes so these dictionaries will give them needed reference material. Our students will be able to use these books for the remainder of this year and will be able to use them over the summer. Thanks to the Rotary Club!” The Rotary Club of Mount Pleasant distributes dictionaries to all third graders in Titus County schools. Read Here