The Paramus Rotary Club Prepares Students to Achieve Academic Success

The Paramus Rotary Club Dictionary Project is designed to aid the third grade teachers with the goal of preparing their students as good writers, active readers, and creative thinkers. The purpose of the project is to assist the teachers by providing all third grade students in the Paramus Community with their own personal dictionary for their continued use. As Rotarians we feel a child cannot do his or her best work without proper tools, in this case a dictionary/thesaurus. Children deserve the very best teachers and resources. The Paramus Rotary Club is pleased to be part of this project. Seen here are members of the Paramus Rotary Club sorting 100s of dictionaries. Later joined by Past Rotary President Ed Lang, the dictionaries were then distributed to third grade students in every public, private, and religious affiliated school in Paramus. Fred Rohdieck, Paramus Rotary Club, NJ