In Memoriam: Clint Schroeder (1931 – 2020)

  We want to honor the life of Clint Schroeder who served on the board of directors of the Dictionary Project from 2012-2016 when he retired from public practice with Gray Plant and Moody in Minneapolis. He was one of the nation’s leading authorities on tax law and philanthropy. Clint was enthusiastic about the Dictionary Project from the start when he heard about it at a Rotary Club conference from his good friend the late US Court of Federal Claims Judge Larry Margolis of Washington DC. He was passionate about the importance of education and teaching children to use a dictionary so that they would be able to use the English language effectively. He made sure every child in Minneapolis received a dictionary. Clint was always happy to help and made himself available to share his knowledge. He will never be forgotten because of his kindness and generosity.