Word of the Day: Face

face / ˈfās   noun  
  1. the front of the head, including forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and chin
One hand washes the other and both wash the face. Greek Proverb  
  1. countenance
Easy to know men’s faces, not their hearts. Chinese Proverb  
  1. a look or expression on the front of the head
When in doubt, make funny faces. Amy Poehler, 1971-  
  1. outer appearance
A cheerful face is nearly as good for an invalid as healthy weather. Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790  
  1. dignity
In a fight, the rich man tries to save his face, the poor man his coat. Russian Proverb  
  1. the surface of something
Nobody on the face of the earth can make you feel inferior without your permission. Zig Ziglar, 1926-2012  
  1. the front of something with two or more sides
The back of one door is the face of another. Traditional Proverb  
  1. the façade
On the face of the National Postal Museum, above the front door,  an inscription reads: “Messenger of sympathy and love Servant of Parted Friends Consoler of the Lonely Bond of the scattered family Enlarger of the common life.”  
  1. an exposed spot on a rock
I was always brought up to have a cup of tea at halfway up the rock face. Bear Grylls, 1974-  
  1. in printing, a style of font
Worn Press is a distressed type face that features broken and worn characters. befonts.com/worn-press-distressed-type-face.html  
  1. people
New faces have more authority than accustomed ones. Euripides, c. 480-c.406 BCE   verb  
  1. to look in the direction of something
You couldn’t help but see [the sun], to turn to face the heat of it, to bask in the glory of it. from ‘Cerulean Sins’ by Laurell K. Hamilton, 1963-  
  1. to confront
A brave man will face a situation no matter how dreadful. Filipino Proverb  
  1. to meet competitively
If you face just one opponent, and you doubt yourself, you’re out-numbered. Dan Millman, 1946-  
  1. to orient toward
As long as I’m facing the right direction, it doesn’t matter the size of my steps. Erica Jong, 1942-  
  1. to deal with
The fool attempts to fool himself and won’t face facts. Proverbs 14:8, The Holy Bible  
  1. to have in one’s future
He who gives alms to the poor faces heaven. Filipino Proverb