Rotary Club of Union, NJ

The Rotary Club of Union, New Jersey, was recently featured in local media for their Dictionary Project. According to Rotarian Norman Wooley, the club has donated over 600 dictionaries in 2018, with plans to continue to increase that number. The Rotary Club of Union has participated in the Dictionary Project since 2004, and has donated over 10,000 dictionaries!

Winona Rotary Club

Winona Rotary Club was recently featured in the Winona Daily News when they donated 500 dictionaries to third graders where they live. Rotarians Rod Baker and Nick Edstrom helped students use their new books and answered questions and played educational games with them. Since beginning their dictionary project 12 years ago, Winona Rotary Club has donated 6,000 dictionaries to students in their area.

Stroud Lions Club

The Stroud Lions Club in Oklahoma sent us a picture from their most recent Dictionary Day. They presented 42 dictionaries to students in 3 different classes, as well as providing dictionaries for the classroom teachers. This is the Stroud Lions Club’s first year participating in the Dictionary Project. They have presented 264 students with their very own dictionaries.

Studley Grange # 1174

Studley Grange in Midland, Michigan, was featured in their local media when they extended their project to include Clare Primary School. The Grange has participated in the Dictionary Project since 2004, and has donated dictionaries to students in Bullock Creek School District every year. Since they started the project, members have provided over 2,000 students with copies of ‘The Best Dictionary for Students.’

Rotary Club of Downtown Honolulu

The Rotary Club of Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, sent us a picture from their most recent dictionary day. Rotarians were presented with leis as a symbol of gratitude from the class. To date, the Rotary Clubs of Hawaii have donated over 215,000 dictionaries to local students.

American Legion Post # 258

Members of American Legion Post # 258 recently visited Orchard View Elementary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to give dictionaries to third graders. The students were delight to receive their new books. Since beginning their Dictionary Project in 2015, American Legion Post # 258 has donated 384 dictionaries.

Rotary Club of Manchester

Pictured above: Two third-grade classrooms at St. James School pose with Rotarians Photo Credits: Geoffrey Naab, Rotary Club of Manchester The Rotary Club of Manchester, Connecticut, sent us pictures from their most recent Dictionary Day, where they visited St. James School and presented students with copies of ‘Webster’s Dictionary for Students.’ This year, Rotarians have visited 13 schools, ensuring that many more students have...
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Danville Junction Grange # 65

Danville Junction Grange # 65 in Maine presented 360 third-graders with dictionaries this year. Member Glenys Ryder wrote that the students were “anxiously awaiting their ‘very own’ dictionaries!” She went on to say: “They have heard about these from older children, and their anticipation is great! As they open their dictionaries to find the sections on sign language, planets, presidents, and so much more, their faces radiate their...
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Rutland South Rotary Club

The Rutland South Rotary Club in Vermont sent us a lovely update! They were recently featured in a local paper, and passed the article along to us. It reads as follows: Rutland, VT: The Third Graders in Mrs. Hogan’s class at Clarendon Elementary School in North Clarendon, Vermont (pictured above) were thrilled to receive their brand new dictionaries. While browsing the pages they could learn...
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