Letter from Pat Wasiczko, Teaching Assistant, Brunswick Central School, Troy, New York

Dear Ms. Mary French,      Thank you so much for sending all those beautiful dictionaries to our third graders at Brunswick Central Schools.  The children were so overwhelmed with joy in receiving them.  Thy have enjoyed searching through the dictionary for things that were new to them.  One of the many things they enjoyed was the Periodic Table of Elements.  I told them what water and table salt was made of and they were fascinated and wanted to know more.  They then enjoyed looking up iron, gold and silver.  Each student had a favorite section they enjoyed from Sign Language to Braille to the longest word or geographical facts.  Seeing children excited over a reference book was simply amazing.      I took the time to teach them that when they have something to write for or something to say their words are power.  They have the power and ability to use their words to make a difference in the world.  The children were also excited learning they will be allowed to keep these dictionaries.  Thank you for your gift to the students. This is one moment of many that I will always cherish.      Thanks again. Sincerely, Pat Wasiczko Teaching Assistant Brunswick Central School