Dictionary Project overview 2009

 The Dictionary Project, a how-to

To have a successful project all schools to receive dictionaries need to be called to get an accurate count of third graders, number of classrooms and a contact person. Also advise that we would like to deliver the books to the students in their classroom. Once this is done estimate the cost and apply for a Simplified District Grant. When the Grant is approved the books should be ordered. By now, a location to receive and prepare the Dictionaries should be in place. When ordering request for an inside delivery. This means no help is needed to unload the truck. In our case there were 72 boxes shrink wrapped on pallets. The place to receive should be a business that is open during normal receiving hours. One member is the store manager of a Radio Shack. Right next door is a restaurant who allowed us to prepare the books using her tables and benches to apply stickers and ink stamping, of course a guarantee of club members willing to help is a must.
When the BIG DAY arrives keep the business meeting short and move right into preparing the books. Since the location is away from the regular meeting place, post a notice as to new location for that day. The club is divided into three teams of four each. First the books are removed from the box, then a rubber stamp with club name is applied and finally a Rotary logo sticker and finally reboxed.
Next instructions were given to the workers. Seven teams of 2-3 were assigned two schools each. Each team will deliver about 200-250 and 4-9 class rooms each school. Before arriving call ahead asking for a janitor with a cart and someone to guide to each third grade class room. A flyer is left with each teacher explaining the project.
14 schools from Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach and Coconut Creek with a total 79 classrooms and over 1,700 students. All 14 active members of the club worked the project, 5 visiting Rotarians, 3 spouses, a prospective member and friend of a member. All totaled an estimated 58 man hours were needed to complete the project. When the project is completed a news release should be prepared and submitted. Also the report needs to be submitted to the Simplified District Grant 6990. Schools include Park Ridge, Norcrest, Tedder, Palmview, Cresthaven, Pompano Beach, Sanders Park, Robert C. Markham, McNab, Cypress, Charles Drew, Broadview, Coconut Creek and Tradewinds. Thank you letters were received from the Principal at Coconut Creek school, Assistant Principal at Tradewinds school and two notes from the Guidance Councilor at McNab school. Also 16 hand-written letters from the students of L. Bavaro classroom at Tradewinds and 22 letters from the students from Ms. Gorman`s class at Coconut school. The student letters were written in crayon on colored paper.