Rotary donates dictionaries to students

 The Rotary Club of Tipton presented individual dictionaries to 4th grade students at Tipton Elementary School Jan. 12. The donation was made possible through an organization known as `The Dictionary Project.` The project is a nonprofit organization striving to increase literacy among elementary students across the United States. The goal is to provide children with their own personal dictionary to use at school and at home for years to come. The Rotary Club of Tipton has participated in this project for the past 5 years and this year they gave 66 fourth graders their own dictionary.

Mike Droll and Rick Fleshin represented the Rotary Club by presenting the dictionaries to the students thereby stimulating reading, writing and creative thinking, but also inspiring the youngsters to become service members of their community.

The Rotary Club also supports the vaccination of polio thoughout the world, providing clean drinking water and various other humanitarian causes. But it is through their emphasis on literacy development that they hope to create lifelong learners and creative thinkers to become service minded members of the community in the years to come.