Club to present free dictionaries to all third grade students

For the sixth year, members of the Rotary Club and their friends will travel to every elementary school in Plainfield and in North Plainfield this Fall season. They will carry with them a special gift – the gift of knowledge – represented by a paperback dictionary for each third-grade student in Plainfield and in North Plainfield.
Working through the Dictionary Project, and with the support of the Plainfield Foundation, the Club purchased enough books for all of the students and their teachers. The English version is chock-full of definitions, facts and figures, including maps, planets, and much, much more.
The Club also purchased Spanish-English dictionaries for those students who have not yet mastered English. Surprisingly, very few students need this book. By the time they reach the third grade, foreign-born students are well on their way to reading and writing and speaking English.
Teams of club members and friends will visit the classrooms, speak for a few minutes about Rotary and service to others, then personally hand a new dictionary to each student. The result? – miles and miles of smiles!
We are now scheduling our visits to the many third grade classrooms in thirteen elementary schools. We can normally visit two or sometimes three schools in a day. If you would like to help at one or more of our local schools, contact us by e-mail ( or telephone Tom Reedy at 908-755-4848.