Cobb Literacy Council Brings Community Together

Since starting the project in 2005, the Cobb Literacy Council has made an impact on the lives of over 35,000 students. This year volunteers were able to touch sixteen elementary and four middle schools in Cobb County, GA. Funding for the project is made possible by Cobb EMC and GAS South, two local businesses which value education and giving back to the community.
Teachers and students were extremely appreciative of their gift. The staff expressed how important a dictionary truly is. It cultivates problem solving, creative thinkers and resourceful learners.
Donna Frankovsky, Cobb Literacy Council Volunteer Coordinator
2015 Cobb Literacy Council, GA 2

Volunteer Linda MacCartney rallied her sorority sisters together and labeled all 3300 books for the project.

2015 Cobb Literacy Council, GA 3

Pictured: Cobb EMC mascot, Tiko Jones, Cobb EMC’s community relations manager and Diane Shore at Hendricks Elementary School.

2015 Cobb Literacy Council, GA 1

It was an amazing community effort all the way around. We are hopeful that we will be able to expand this project in 2016.